Montana Shop L.A., new Montana Colors official store in the United States


Is one of the more than 20 exclusive establishments that the firm has all over the world


Since July 2018, Montana Colors may consider the city of Los Angeles as the home of its first flagship store in the United States: Montana Shop L.A. This establishment adds to the more than 20 exclusive stores that Montana Colors has distributed throughout the world.

This new place has its own character. In the last five years, the Arts District of Los Angeles has undergone a significant transformation, both physical and economic, becoming a magnet for artistic expression in the city.

Located in the epicentre of this urban area is a parcel called The Container Yard (TCY). This creative space is named after the huge cargo containers stored in this property. Containers that have been modified by artists reconverting them and giving them a second life as art exhibitors, shops and even pieces for the agricultural sector.

Originally, the space was occupied by a Japanese ice cream company but, around 2013, the new co-owners of TCY, Ash and Anthony, gave the place a new life. The space was used, then, as a gallery so artists and businesses in the neighbourhood could show their works and celebrate events. In the summer of 2018, TCY took a step forward and finally opened a commercial section adding stores and different services.

All this history and creativity impelled Montana Colors to select this location of the Arts District of Los Angeles as the best possible location to install its new exclusive store. Located directly on the corner of Fourth Street with Seaton Street and integrated into a Ricky Watts’ mural, Montana Shop L.A. greets the passers-by with a display of color, vitality and warmth.

In this sense, the new store also stands out for showing its products in an innovative way. While the majority of the stores in the sector have spray paint in display cabinets under lock or behind the cash desk, where customers cannot easily access it, here they opted to take a different approach. It is a store designed for self-service where customers can choose what they need when they need it. At the same time, other elements such as markers, drippers and streaks from other brands recognized as KRINK, Sakura, and uniPOSCA are also distributed apart from the complete range of Montana Colors products.