People. Passion. Chemistry.

Briolf is a family-held corporate group with a history in the chemical sector stretching back more than 50 years

We bring together the know-how and experience of eight global companies – Roberlo, Montana Colors, Chemfix, Cromaresme, Dexia, Impacar, Areco and Intec– which operate in 10 business sectors, with a clear emphasis on international growth and shared values.

We are aware of the rapid and non-stop evolution of society and the markets, and we provide the ideal framework for the companies to innovate and achieve their long-term goals. Adding value and, above all, guaranteeing their total independence and ensuring improvement and the progress of their customers and members.

We operate in more than 120 countries

We bring together the know-how and experience of multiple companies and business sectors, with a clear emphasis on international growth

Perseverance, versatility and professionalism form part of our essence. Our vision is to grow as the leading industrial group that we are, working to guarantee long-term sustainability, regardless of economic cycles, and respecting the different corporate cultures of the companies that form part of the group.

“Briolf provides the ideal framework to the group companies to achieve their goals, guaranteeing the independence of their management, respecting their different corporative cultures and ensuring the progress of their teams and clients. Our goal is to be an industrial reference group that guarantees long-term sustainability.”


Jaume Juher
President of Briolf Group


“Being part of this group enriches us all together, allowing to strengthen collaborations and move forward to diversify the sectors. In addition, it helps us to continue boosting our internationalization.”


Xavier Sagué
Managing Director at Briolf Group

“Briolf allows us to continue striving for diversification and internationalization, with the vocation to grow sustainably over time. We combine efforts and synergies, but preserve the culture of the different companies by valuing the origins.  In the different activities we are clear that our customers, products and people are the center of attention, and what makes us move forward.

Llorenç Juher
Managing Director of Roberlo

“Being part now of Briolf Group reinforces all the essentials elements to continue advancing in the implementation of the business in new markets, preserving our essence and maintaining alliances with strategic partners that have accompanied us throughout our trajectory.

Olga Fuertes
Managing Director of Montana Colors


"Briolf gives us a great advantage as we can share knowledge and collaborate with other companies within the group, creating synergies that allow us to constantly improve and be more efficient and competitive in the market."


Carles Palomo
Managing Director at Chemfix