Cars are one of our most highly-valued possessions

We buy, insure and take care of them, and when the time comes, we repair them. That's where we come into the picture.

Car refinishing is a mature and competitive market in which the support of the brand and its technical service are highly valued. Another vital aspect is colorimetry. It is essential to create the exact color quickly and easily.

This is a highly professionalized sector that is very demanding in terms of finish and delivery terms required by the vehicle owners, and which consequently makes the bodyshops very demanding of us.

In this sense, our role in vehicle refinishing is not limited only to production; we also have multiple distribution channels in a number of countries. This enables us to reach bodywork specialists and get a first-hand understanding of their needs.



Our products respond perfectly to the specified requirements, providing a wide range with high quality standards.



Factors such as international expansion, reinvestment in infrastructure and technology and development of in-house R&D have promoted our sustained growth for more than fifty years, which has made car refinish one of Briolf's principal activities.