Supporting Graffiti Since 1994

Since 1994, Montana Colors has been experiencing an expansion that has brought its activity to more than 80 countries, in addition to 25 Montana Shop & Galleries in major cities around the world.

Its capacity for innovation, its concern for a job well done and its complete dedication to its customers and respect for the environment are a few of its core values.

These characteristics, and especially its commitment to graffiti, now considered to play a key role in contemporary art, set it apart from the rest and have been ingrained not only on the timeline of history, but also in the collective memory of the sector.

To maintain the quality of the products, very precise control and tracking are necessary. For this reason, the company has obtained ISO 9001 certification covering its quality management system and ISO 14001 that backs its commitment to the environment. Both certifications are symbols of quality and demonstrations of the professional, proactive character of all of its employees, and also of the acknowledgment and support of its customers.

The company has a diverse, young and enthusiastic team of more than 200 people. Each and every Montana Colors spray has passed through their hands and carries the essence of the company's philosophy, its commitment and dedication to a job well done and maximum respect for the environment.


MTN 94 y MTN Hardcore
MTN 94 y MTN Hardcore

Creativity and technology all in one. Thanks to its extensive offering of colors and numerous product lines, this product range can reach all markets with the appropriate tool for all types of creative work.


The top spray for professionals. Paints, varnishes and special products in aerosol form that offer solutions in sectors such as DIY, crafts, industrial maintenance, automotive and the nautical sector.

MTN Water Based
MTN Water Based

In 2013, the company introduced the world to an indoor-outdoor spray paint with a water-based system to reduce VOC emissions and make the use of aerosol paints harmless even for children.


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