Our history

Our group emerged out of the expansion of Roberlo. A development that has evolved over the years to consolidate the family of companies in the field of chemical specializations that it is today.

The sum total of the small successes of each one of our companies has promoted our sustained growth and has made us into a great chemical group.


We invite you to discover the history of Briolf.



Strengthening of the R&D Department


Coinciding with the move of the company's headquarters to Riudellots de la Selva, the company expanded its R&D&I Department to create a new space of its own devoted to research into new products. It was a key factor in the future development of the company.





Accuracy in color


The generational changeover in the company allowed color accuracy to take on a central role in the management of the enterprise. New color adjustment and measurement systems were created. This mentality remains in place today, and has been crucial in the company's development.