The packaging makes the difference

Packaging design today is the main marketing element to indicate the personality, positioning and differentiation of an item when it is on the shelves of a store.

Normally, when we talk about glass, we imagine a colorless, amorphous and transparent element. But it doesn't necessarily have to be like that. Our design department, made up of color experts, can integrate new materials and trends, giving glass color, shape and a variety of finishes.



We provide custom projects for perfume containers, bottles for spirits and glass in general.



We have no limits in terms of colors or finishes. And what's more, we innovate by offering unique solutions, such as special glosses, unique textures and unrivaled effects.

We take care in each stage of the process, so that the customer's package, which we treat as our own, is the one that is chosen from the hundreds that are available on a daily basis in the points of sale. Technical assistance and close customer service are two of our vital elements. In short, we are the best ally for cosmetics and perfume manufacturers.