Roberlo strengthens its global presence with the opening of Roberlo Korea

Briolf Group

The subsidiary, which is already in operation, represents a firm commitment to the region.

In a strategic step towards expansion in Asian markets, Roberlo announces the opening of its new subsidiary, Roberlo Korea, with the firm intention of strengthening the brand in the region and expanding the range of solutions marketed in Asia. This initiative consolidates Roberlo's position as a leader in complete repair solutions with high quality products.

With the establishment of Roberlo Korea, the company seeks not only to promote the brand in the region, but also to offer more agile responses to the market through a direct service that is adaptable to the needs of customers and users. The new subsidiary represents a solid commitment to customer satisfaction and service efficiency.

Strategically located in Yansgan, a town in the south of the Republic of Korea and close to the port of Busan, Roberlo Korea's facilities are now fully operational to meet the demands of the Asian market, with a team of five people.

Roberlo's CEO, Llorenç Juher, points out that "the opening of Roberlo Korea represents an important milestone in our global expansion strategy. We are committed to offering quality solutions and direct service to our customers in the Asian region".

Roberlo Korea is the third subsidiary that the company has opened in 2023 and now totals eighteen subsidiaries globally, consolidating its worldwide presence and reaffirming its commitment to excellence in the solutions and services it offers.