Buildings are solid, they are rooted in the ground and they last through time


All of these characteristics are very closely related to what we want for our group. Construction represents an enormous field of action, but it is also a challenge that we are aware we cannot ignore. 

Chemical anchoring is the anchoring method used in the most cutting-edge construction. It provides the maximum durability and resistance required in the construction sector, and thus offers a differentiating value in comparison with the traditional method of mechanical anchoring. It is a market niche with high added value in which we are a leader.

We have three clearly distinct business lines that fall under this area: chemical anchoring, marble and DIY.

In addition, for decades we have also been designing products for the repair and bonding of marble and stone. In this area, the key is to combine durability and aesthetics, and we offer solutions for professionals that stand out for their appearance and adhesive power. 

Lastly, DIY: a growing segment with great potential due to its widespread scope in society. Here we develop products to be applied on wood, stone, metal and plaster. This is a division with a future that we are strengthening through the retail channel.