Briolf Group solidifies its position among Europe's top coatings companies

Briolf Group

The group continues to climb positions in the prestigious Europe's Top 25 ranking since its introduction in the list in 2022.

Briolf Group has once again proven its significance in the European coatings industry, securing a place on the list of the continent's largest coatings companies for the second consecutive year. With a sales figure of more than 192 million euros in 2022, of which 167 are coming from coatings, Briolf Group has risen to the 23rd position on this prestigious ranking.

The company's remarkable growth is underscored by a 28% increase in revenue compared to the previous period, surpassing the growth rates of all other companies featured on the list. It is important to note that these figures do not yet reflect the impact of Briolf Group's recent acquisitions, which, when accounted for, would push the company's total sales beyond the 200-million-euro mark.

Speaking about this accomplishment, the company expressed its satisfaction, because securing a spot on this prestigious list for the second consecutive year is a testament to Briolf Group's continued success as a major player in the European paint and coatings manufacturing sector. It showcases the unwavering commitment to growth and the ability to adapt to the evolving industry landscape."

It further Briolf Group is thrilled to have achieved this milestone once again, which reflects the dedication and hard work of its team. The strategic approach, focus on customer satisfaction, and continuous pursuit of innovation have been integral to the success. The company remains confident in its ability to maintain this positive momentum in the years ahead by leveraging its strategic diversification initiatives.

Looking at the broader picture, the cumulative value of sales generated by the 25 leading paint and coatings manufacturers in Europe has surpassed 24 billion euros, an increase from 22.36 billion euros in 2020 and 23.53 billion euros in 2019. This upward trend demonstrates the overall strength of the coatings sector on a global scale.

As Briolf Group continues its journey, the company aims to consolidate its position among Europe's top 25 coatings companies, navigating through the challenges posed by the evolving business landscape, including uncertainties and price volatility. By staying true to its diversification strategy and unwavering commitment to excellence, Briolf Group is poised for sustained growth and success in the years to come.