Part of our DNA


Our products are used every day in the most varied spaces and locations. For this reason, from the very beginning, our vision has sought a common goal: to create a better future day by day.


We know from experience that sustainability, thoroughness, honesty and involvement in the areas in which we operate are possible. For this reason, corporate social responsibility has become part of our DNA.

We focus on actions that,

though they may be small,

can make a big difference




Médicins Sans Frontières

Annual collaboration through solidarity contributions.




Campaign for the collection of clothing, accessories and shoes.


Fundación Mona

Collaboration on the tasks to care for and rehabilitate mistreated primates.



Sponsorship of student teams who participate in this charitable rally.


T.N.T. Donation

Donation of 7% of the revenues from this line of sprays to humanitarian and environmental causes.



Fundación Ramon Noguera

Collaboration through the hiring of staff for gardening and janitorial work.



Child's Dream

Help and collaboration in the construction of the Samakkeexai school in Thailand.