Briolf Group Rises to 58th Position in Global Ranking of Coatings World's Top Companies

Briolf Group

In just three years, the group has risen 16 positions in the list of the world's top-selling coating companies.

Briolf Group, a leader in the paint and coatings manufacturing sector, is celebrating a significant leap in the Coatings World's Top Companies report, now claiming the 58th spot. This accomplishment is even more impressive given that the company debuted at the 74th position, marking a substantial ascent of 16 places in just three years.

Closing out 2022, Briolf Group achieved impressive growth in turnover, nearing the 190 million euros mark (around 205 million dollars). These numbers reflect the positive trajectory of its businesses, and they don't even account for the impact of its latest acquisitions. Once factored in, projections suggest that the group's total sales will exceed 250 million euros by the end of 2023.

Briolf's rise in the ranking mirrors its steadfast commitment to growth and underscores its adeptness in adapting within an ever-evolving sector. The company attributes its success to a well-defined strategy, high customer satisfaction, and an ongoing pursuit of innovation.

The Coatings World's Top Companies report stands as a pivotal resource for recognizing the industry's major players. This report assesses 73 global firms, all boasting annual sales exceeding 100 million dollars, granting readers an exclusive look into the industry's giants.

Looking ahead, Briolf Group maintains an optimistic outlook regarding its capacity for sustained growth. The company will lean on diversification and proximity strategies to further solidify its standing on the global stage.