Personalization and design, growing trends

Brands are increasingly interested in the image of their products, because it allows them to stand out in an increasingly globalized world. It is the best way to add value. We know this and we make it happen. 

In the plastic sector, our activity is aimed at original equipment manufacturers, creating paint for companies that operate in highly demanding sectors such as the manufacturing of automobile components, small appliances, lighting complements, and packaging for the cosmetics industry, among other things.

Agility and flexibility are indispensable requirements. For this reason we are specialists in designing customized paint systems and developing color collections with innovative effects. We also offer advice and adapt to the customer's needs, to design each project together, while at the same time complying with the short time frames that the industry demands.

We are backed by more than four decades of experience in the development of coatings for plastics. Since the 1970s, we have been working in this market and today are one of the most reliable suppliers to the automotive and motorcycle industries in Europe.

Plastic is becoming more and more prevalent in our day to day lives because of its extensive properties and multiple uses. We are talking about a sector of the future that is constantly evolving. We are sure that this is a key area in which we can contribute with design and technology for a large number of applications.