Beyond Color

The company, which was established in 1960, specializes in the development of coatings with high added value and color collections with extremely innovative effects.

Its areas of action are plastic and glass. In the case of plastic, it formulates new colors for car and motorcycle manufacturers, for both exterior and interior elements of the vehicles, and also performs an enormous variety of work in sectors such as small appliances, lighting, furniture and toys, among others.

In regard to paint for glass, it carries out custom projects for perfume containers, bottles for alcoholic beverages and glass in general.

Cromaresme represents innovation, agility and flexibility. With high-quality products, excellent technical assistance and close collaboration with its customers, its R&D team creates personalized solutions adapted to the individual needs of each customer.

With more than sixty years of experience in the coatings industry, the company has consolidated the know-how that is needed to advise its customers regarding the latest trends and technologies available on the market.



C/ Dels Carboners, 10 Pol. Ind. La Surera
08319 Dosrius
Barcelona, Spain
T +34 93 791 99 50