Aerosols offer endless opportunities for use


They have a wide variety of applications and connect easily with many different sectors.


Any chemical product can be applied in a convenient format such as the spray can. In DIY, in the industrial field and in an endless variety of applications, a propellant and spray head can be used to project any liquid substance at a distance.

This fact has not been overlooked by many companies, who have not hesitated to provide a faster, more convenient and usable version of their usual products. Thanks to this, today outsourcing for private brands also represents an important source of business and a growth path for us.

Our aerosols are currently well established in many sectors such as construction, the automotive industry, fine arts and decoration. We help professionals and users in their customary work and we respond to their demanding requirements.

Twenty-five years of experience have given us extensive knowledge. During this time, our investment in technology has consolidated our position as a leading producer in this segment.

The success of this format lies in its simplicity. And when was the last time that you used a spray?