The CEO, Xavier Sagué, participates as a speaker at the 5th International CFO Congress.

Briolf Group

Xavier Sagué, the CEO of Briolf Group, participated on May 25th in the 5th International CFO Congress, an event organized by the Association for Management Progress (APD).

The congress, entitled "Incertidumbre 'As Usual'" took place in Barcelona on May 25th and 26th, bringing together prominent financial leaders from international companies to discuss the evolution of the CFO's role in a constantly changing global context.

Xavier Sagué contributed to a roundtable discussion titled "The Role of the CFO in Transformation: Keys to Becoming a Great Company," alongside Miriam Alaminos from Port de Barcelona, Xavier Tintore from Fluidra, and Juan Barbolla from Cabify. The debate focused on strategies to ensure and finance growth, as well as the strategic role of the CFO within the organization.

The congress provided a forum for the exchange of ideas and the discussion of strategies on how CFOs can contribute to the growth and transformation of companies, adapting and leading in an uncertain business environment.

The CEO of Briolf Group emphasized the need for a resilient and adaptable CFO, capable of anticipating and responding to changes, managing uncertainty, and ensuring financial stability to promote company growth and expansion.

Xavier Sagué's participation in this congress reflects Briolf Group's commitment to the evolution of the CFO's role. We will continue to promote the exchange of ideas and practices that drive transformation and growth in companies in a challenging business environment.