Roberlo invests in the Australian market with the opening of a subsidiary.


The new branch provides services to countries in the Pacific region.

With over 20 years of experience in the country, Roberlo, the manufacturer of paint and auto body repair solutions, has started the year by opening a new subsidiary in Australia, which serves the different countries in the Pacific region where the company has been operating for years.

Roberlo Australia is the first Roberlo subsidiary in the Pacific region, and it represents the sixteenth subsidiary worldwide, a clear example of the company's commitment to proximity with customers worldwide.

Llorenç Juher, the CEO of Roberlo, points out that "with the opening of this subsidiary, we can operate directly in a market with great potential, get closer to our customers, and better understand their needs."

Roberlo Australia also aims to promote various tintometric systems in both the Car Refinish and industrial sectors, as well as high-efficiency processes that increase bodyshop profitability.

The facilities of Roberlo Australia are located in the city of Sydney, providing technical, commercial, logistical, and administrative services to customers in the region. 

Enric Lozano is leading the project, he returned to Roberlo to lead the company’s Australian subsidiary. Any companies in the sector that want to establish collaboration synergies with Roberlo can contact the company at (02) 9550 5997 or by sending an email to or