Montana Colors Executive Meeting SS20


This past July 8, the semi-annual Montana Colors Executive Meeting was held in the idyllic location of Collbató, a town located on the slopes of Montserrat mountain and a few km from the company's facilities.

After the introduction by Olga Fuertes, General Director of Montana Colors, different managers identified the keys that have allowed the company to cope with the severe effects resulting from the COVID crisis — some of which even experienced growth — while offering a prospective vision, setting goals for a horizon not exempt from some uncertainty given the circumstances caused by the effects of the pandemic.

The leading roles of those in charge of the financial, operations, logistics, sales, private label, online channel, export, supplies and marketing departments established control over financial variables, proximity and attention to the customer, the professionalism of the team and the acquisition of complementary businesses, such as the reopening of the store in Madrid — to mention just a few of the many topics discussed at the meeting.

We are subject to the development of the current situation, and have never lost sight of the fickle and unpredictable evolution of this global pandemic that we are still immersed in. Despite this, the vision for the future, as well as new perspectives and results that emerged from the first semester paint a positive scenario, within a business and industrial environment in which the COVID outbreak has taken its toll on some of those operating in the hardware and DIY sector.

Overall, the feeling is that the storm has passed - not without effort and intelligence - and the positive trajectory of the first semester, even under exceptional circumstances, consolidates the commitment to continue setting very ambitious goals for this year and the next one.

To achieve them, it will be necessary to continue the commercial work with strength, passion and intensity, across the five continents. Fine-tuning marketing strategies according to an ever-changing scenario and encouraging innovative projects in terms of new products and production processes, always with the commitment to be increasingly efficient in our final goal of becoming the trusted and referential brand in the sector.