Cromaresme designs and supplies the colors for the Ray Eco electric scooter

Briolf Group

Cromaresme has become a partner in the Ray Eco company for the design and supply of new colors for its soon-to-be-released scooter.

The Ray Electric Motors (Ray Eco) company, located close to Barcelona, will launch its first electric scooter in 2021, the RAY 7.7, a high performance model with a power equivalent to 125 cc and a top speed of up to 125 km/h. Production will start on this first model in March 2021.

During October, the CEO of the company and the marketing, design, and purchasing managers worked together with the Cromaresme technical team to establish the launch colors of this new model. Following fruitful development work, and once the different proposals and ideas made by Cromaresme were considered, the Ray Eco managers selected 4 basic colors: pearlescent white, metallic anthracite, matte “dark petrol” and matte pearlescent gray.

"Two contrasting colors were also developed: the brand's corporate blue and the pearlescent gloss black that will be used on the front of all models."

After the high degree of satisfaction expressed by the Ray Eco managers with the work carried out by Cromaresme, we hope that this will be the start of a long collaboration between the two companies.