Cartridge chub stuffing automated line upgrade


A 50% production capacity increase with new additional features


Chemfix, a company specialising in the chemical anchoring sector, has recently increased their cartridge chub stuffing line production capacity by 50%. This remarkable increase is one of the more outstanding achievements of the line upgrade project that has been done by the company in the last few months.

Specifically, the 300ml cartridge is nowadays the star product and the best seller in the company. During the production process, the filling operation takes place in an automated line known internally as the Autoline. Due to the high increase in demand over the last few years, the company decided last year to increase the line’s production capacity and started a project to simultaneously update and improve its performance.

“Based on the market analysis results, we plan to invest in a new Autoline in the future but we knew we still had room to improve the existing one”, says Carles Palomo, Managing Director at Chemfix.

“For this reason, our operations and engineering departments began working on the project which will end in the coming months. At the moment, we have already achieved a 50% capacity increase and added some new features. It has made a real difference”, adds Carles Palomo.

This capacity increase will mean improving the overall production process, making the whole factory more efficient, reducing delivery times and increasing customer satisfaction.