Briolf Group joins the list of the 25 largest coatings companies in Europe

Briolf Group

The Girona-based chemical group continues its strong growth trajectory and consolidates its position as a major player in the European paints and coatings sector.


For the first time since its creation, Briolf Group appears on the list of the 25 most important manufacturing companies in Europe’s industrial paints and coatings sector, as published by the prestigious European Coatings magazine.

The industrial group, founded as the Girona-based company Roberlo evolved, makes its debut on the list, in 24th position, with sales of 130 million euros in paints and coatings in 2021.

Jaume Juher president of Briolf Group: “This fact reinforces Briolf Group’s weight as a player in the European paint and coatings manufacturing sector and is proof that the group is on a good growth trajectory."

He further adds: "We are especially excited to appear on this list for the first time. It represents an achievement, which seemed far away few years ago". “This shows that the diversification strategy and all the efforts of the last few years have paid off".

In 2021, Briolf Group grew more than 20%, with respect to 2020, which has enabled the company to exceed 150 million euros in consolidated turnover. The company is confident that it will be able to continue the good momentum in the coming years, maintaining the diversification that has characterized it since its beginnings, and remaining on the list of the 25 most important companies in Europe, despite the challenges posed by the current context of uncertainty and volatility in prices and supplies.

The ranking, produced by the European Coatings publication, annually ranks the 25 European manufacturing companies according to their revenues generated by sales of paints and coatings in the previous year. On this occasion, the 25 companies that make up the list together exceeded the figure of 24 billion euros, 1.64 billion more than in 2020, signifying a clear global growth trend in the sector.