Briolf Group increases its presence in the sectoral institutions

Briolf Group

The Briolf Group president, Mr. Jaume Juher, began his new role as a member of Executive Committee of ASEFAPI (Spanish Paint Manufacturers Association).

As was confirmed with the entry for the first time in the “COATINGS WORLD” ranking for the leading companies in the paint sector at global level, at position number 74, the Briolf Group is positioned as the largest national capital corporation in the country in terms of its turnover.

And with the intention for our group to have the role that this fact warrants at sectoral level, both nationally and internationally, we have continued working to improve our visibility and our prominence in institutions that bring together the companies of our sector.

As a result, on October 20, at the meeting of the ASEFAPI (Spanish Paint Manufacturers Association) executive committee, our president Mr. Jaume Juher began his new role as a member of this Executive Committee.

His joining this business entity enables us to achieve two vitally important objectives for Briolf. First, by having a presence at the most important decision-making and sector analysis center in our country. And second, by significantly increasing the visibility and reputation of our group at institutional level.

The company is confident that this progress and all the policies pursued in this regard will provide the representativeness that our group deserves due to its business level, its degree of diversification and the size of its workforce.