Briolf Group climbs positions in the Coatings World ‘Top Companies’ ranking

Briolf Group

In two years, the group has risen 8 positions in the list of the 75 companies with the highest turnover in the paint and coatings sector.

For another year running, the Briolf Group has appeared on the prestigious Top Companies list, this time – at 178 million dollars – the company has climbed to the 62nd position, rising 8 positions since its entry on the list in 2020. This fact is a reflection of the growth and the good direction that the group has taken since its creation in 2018.

With this ranking, the Coatings World publication collects information on companies in the sector with annual sales of more than 100 million dollars. The aim of the report is to provide an overview of the most influential players in the paint and coatings sector globally.

The Briolf Group is a family-owned industrial group that has had a highly diversified and global presence in the coatings and specialty chemicals sector for more than 50 years. Briolf brings together seven companies, namely Roberlo, Montana Colors, Chemfix, Cromaresme, Impacar and Dexia, all serving the different chemical specialties sectors.

Briolf’s mission is to create solutions to beautify surfaces, extend their life and maximize their performance. The group’s vision is to diversify, grow and strengthen its position in the industry while keeping its essence intact – an essence that is intrinsically linked to the values that have led the group to the present day.

The Group works closely and intensively to provide all companies with the ideal framework at a technological, strategic and economic level that helps them to develop satisfactorily and in a sustainable manner in the long term. Today, a thousand people from more than 30 companies provide services to more than 120 countries across 9 business sectors.

The company has launched its new 2022-2026 strategic plan that aspires to maintain growth levels and occupy benchmark positions at an international level throughout the sectors it operates.