Briolf Group acquires Italian company IMPACAR to reinforce its growth strategy

Briolf Group

The industrial group based in Girona and the owner of major specialist chemical manufacturers such as Roberlo, Montana Colors, Chemfix and Cromaresme, continues with its positive performance and reinforces its growth trajectory.

With the confirmation of the acquisition of the Italian company IMPACAR last February, Briolf Group confirms its positive momentum and strengthens its position in the specialty chemicals field, focused on the beautification, repair and protection of surfaces in multiple sectors.

The business group, which was founded as a result of the development of the Girona-based company Roberlo, has established itself since its creation as a major international player within the industry and its rise to prominent positions in the sector is constantly evolving.

Proof of this is the more than 20% growth achieved in 2021, which has enabled the company to exceed 150 million euros in consolidated turnover. The company is confident that this positive momentum will continue despite the challenges posed by the current context of uncertainty and volatility in prices and supplies.

This recent transaction aims to strengthen those markets where the company already occupies a prominent international position and is part of the company's strategic plan for the 2022 - 2026 period, which envisages a continued increase in its international presence, thus broadening the Group's diversification and strengthening innovation as a distinguishing factor.

According to Briolf Group representatives, "the acquisition of the Italian company IMPACAR is a new step forward for the Group in its ambition to become more global and diversified".

At the same time, they emphasize that "IMPACAR's experience and production capacity are an excellent opportunity for our Group to create many synergies, both commercially and technically".

For IMPACAR's management, "being part of one of Europe's leading groups for specialty chemicals and coatings is an exciting opportunity to develop and strengthen our capabilities and potential. The clear benefits that this agreement will bring to IMPACAR will enable us to be better prepared to face the challenges of the future.”

Both parties agree that their combined know-how will enable them to achieve high levels of excellence and that this will bring significant benefits to their customers around the world while further consolidating the Group's long-term sustainability.