Blucrom: new water-based color system from Roberlo


Blucrom is the result of a commitment to efficiency, the environment, versatility and, above all, color precision.

This system stands out for the significant savings it generates, offering high covering power, fast drying time and shorter application time.

With this new product, the brand, which for decades has focused its R&D&I on complimentary products, is further extending its range to close the complete vehicle refinishing cycle by offering a water based color system.

Blucrom meets the demands of those users that seek the best paint solutions: effective, precise and versatile. In short, the high quality historically associated with Roberlo's putties, primers and clear coats; now also available in color.


High covering power and speed


This new water-based system mainly stands out for its high performance and speed, providing secure application blending and great versatility. Furthermore, it is complemented by the Roberlo 2K clear coats and primer fillers to achieve maximum reliability, durability and excellent gloss.

The special formulation of its color basic pigments provides a significant saving in material thanks to its high covering power, while also supporting a more sustainable system. Secondly, its easy application allows efficient integration of the color on the part to be repaired. Furthermore, there are three container sizes which make it a system that is suitable both for small repairs and complete auto body refinishing.

Bluecrom has 86 bases and three container sizes: 150 ml, 400 ml and 750 ml with a self-cleaning system. This provides the bodyshop with an accessible, convenient and ideal system for use both on small repairs and complete auto body refinishing. Blucrom offers a wide range of solid, metallic, pearlescent and effect colors. It is made up of 53 solid bases, 9 metallic bases, 18 pearlescent bases and 5 xirallic bases.


Furthermore, its flexible containers allow highly accurate dosing for easy integration of the color into the part to be repaired. With this new tintometric system, the environment and economic performance are 100% compatible.


Color matching

The system is complemented by Roberlo's new multi-angle spectrophotometer which has five angles and speeds up the color selection process, thus facilitating day-to-day work and increasing the bodyshop's productivity. In particular, this tool's mathematical algorithms - specifically developed for the automobile refinishing sector - simplify color matching and minimize the margin of error.

This lightweight, small spectrophotometer is portable and has a case and ergonomic design which makes it easy to use in any bodyshop. It has a touchscreen and guided navigation menu, but, above all, it ensures fast identification with access to the most recently developed color formulas, thus preventing dead time in the bodyshop.

Thanks to Roberlo's complete database and this latest generation of color measuring equipment, it is possible to locate and reformulate colors in a simple and effective way. This is all permanently connected to the Roberlo iCrom software.


For further information on this system, this website is available to you where you can find its ad, the product catalog, technical information and much more.