A very special limited edition of Montana Colors: Julione

Briolf Group

Montana Colors presented the MTN Limited Edition last October in honor of young writer Julione.


A year has now passed since Julione left us and it is still difficult to get used to his absence. Thus, to pay tribute to this charismatic child and to his exemplary fight and that of his family, we have devoted a Limited Edition to his name.

So this is a very special limited edition, given that the profit collected from the sales of this collection product will be donated to the “Planta Zero” project promoted by ANDEX, the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer.

This entity was created in 1985 by a group of parents affected by this very severe disease in one of their children. From its beginnings, it has been characterized by tireless work to improve the life conditions of children with cancer, and of their families, from all the fields within its scope. That is, at the same time as promoting the volunteer team and the social, psychological, and leisure benefits on offer for these families, it has been concerned with the training of professionals in oncology and hematology, and everything that has an impact on increasing the chances of curing these young people.

The “Planta Zero” project originated in the requirement of young people with cancer and their families to have a space to meet their needs. The main objective sought with the construction of the Young Persons Oncology-Hematology Unit is to increase the survival of patients by offering comprehensive action protocols for patients in this age group. To this end, from Montana we want to make a call to collaborate with this entity so that the “Planta Zero” Project can become a reality as soon as possible.